DEADLY REMAINS’ “Severing Humanity” Out Now On Deepsend Records

One of the best new American death metal bands, California’s Deadly Remains truly crushes all in its path. The band’s debut album, Severing Humanity, is an impressive display of pure, brute force. Taking death metal to the gates of hell in an absolute fury of rage, angst and absolute torment. Fans of Hour of Penance, Abominable Putridity, Condemned or Flesh Consumed, will be instant Deadly Remains minions. Order the album at this location.

Severing Humanity Cover Art & Track Listing:

Apocalyptic Birth
Cosmic Necrosis
Equilibrium Obsolete
Home Invasion
Human Trafficking
Instincts of Flesh
Memories of Defilement
Psalm of Impurity
Scriptures of Foreign Tongues
Severing Humanity

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