Flowerglass Presents: The Lions (CD)

Summer Wind Descendent is a laid-back track that will immediately draw listeners in through coy instrumentation and captivating female vocals. As the track spins, Flowerglass is able to add and otherwise bolster their sound into something incredibly dense. As listeners continue to listen to the track, more about the band comes into focus.

It Takes A Dream To Kill A Dream establishes a down-home and cozy feel to this part of the album. The inclusion of a harmonica as a major force during the track is an interesting tack taken by Flowerglass, and is a gambit that pays off as Trevor’s vocals imagine the dusty trail. The tracks are based in seventies’ country just as much as sixties folk, but the two are capable enough to hook listeners at every opportunity. The Lions of Santa Fe has a great tempo that stands separate from Scarlet’s vocals. Rather than working at cross-purposes, these two elements push towards a greater track.

As the band changes gears during the chorus, there is a hint of current indie-pop that will have listeners singing along just as much as think. Flowerglass possesses a set of influences that are difficult to determine as the act’s sound is just that unique. I love what is present on The Lions, but I have absolutely no idea where the act will go in subsequent albums. I would recommend purchasing this EP and seeing exactly how the act grows and evolves. The Lions is a perfect EP, possessing just enough material to formally introduce listeners to the band. By the end of Graceland, listeners will want more.

Top Tracks: Summer Wind Descendent, It Takes A Dream To Kill A Dream

Rating: 8.4/10

Flowerglass Presents: The Lions (CD) / 2012 Self / 07 Tracks / http://www.flowerglassband.com/ / http://www.facebook.com/flowerglassband

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