Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Season 6 (A&E)

For years I’ve been calling BS on the use of the term “realty” in this series about Kiss founder Gene Simmons, his longtime companion Shannon Tweed and their two college-aged kids.

It was pretty obvious – while their show Family Jewels was/is genuinely entertaining – a lot of the situations in pervious episodes were clearly staged and came off as contrived. That being said they were always pretty innocuous and sitcom-y situations. That all changed with season six, which  kicks off with the couple close to splitting up. Throughout the season, they seek therapy and, before Simmons, the eternal bachelor, and Tweed eventually get married (on camera naturally) the couple make a surprisingly emotional trip to Israel where Simmons visits his half siblings and the grave of his estranged father. It would be unbelievably low for the duo to fake a family crisis for the sake of the show. However, we are talking about Gene $immons. 

I, for once, am willing to put my cynicism on the side for a moment and say the cameras may have actually captured some genuine realty with this “realty” show. Whether that turns out to be true, we may never know, but it did lead to one of the most satisfying seasons yet for Simmons and clan.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Season 6, Parts 1 and 2/2 DVDs and 2 DVDs/ A&E/2012




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