Gonerfest 9 Band Announcements!

Midnite Snaxxx bring the party to the party!

California mighta been populated by folks from Middle America chased there by dust at one point but venereal disease spread by waves of beatniks, hippies, surfing Republican and shady real estate agents has killed most of ’em off. Most of those clinging to life were finished off by cancerous sun tan lotion and kind, kind paraquat.

All that’s left now are supreme specimens such as MIDNITE SNAXXX!

These three ladies stride across the barren landscape flattening the pop with punk and rounding out the punk with huge pop hooks.
Budget Rock legends and Gonerfest 8 Champions
Tina Boom Boom Lucchesi, Dulcinea Gonzales, and Renee Leal are not kidding around!

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Gonerfest 9 Band Announcements
Spits (Mars)
Slug Guts (Australia)
River City Tanlines (Memphis)
Native Cats (Tazmania)
Cecila & The Sauerkrauts (France/Portland)
Golden Boys (TX)
Bits Of Shit (Australia)
Lenguas Largas (AZ)
No Bails (MI)
Jack Of Heart (France)
Bad Sports (TX)
Hussy (WI)
Mad Macka
Legs (TN/TX)
Full announcement coming soon!

Start planning your trip now!
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Lost Sounds Lost Lost Out July 17th!

Early and alternate versions from Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout’s epic garage/electro-punk band Lost Sounds, with tracks off of their albums Black Wave, Rats Brains & Microchips, and the final Lost Sounds LP, as well as songs that never made it to proper albums. Captivating kitchen recordings, acoustic demos, and fully-realized studio tracks.
Covers of garage obscurities like “I Cannot Lie” and originals like “No Count” betray the garage rock sensibilities that Jay was still shedding during the earlier years of the band. Later recordings show the effects of electro-punk and death metal influences creeping into their sound.

A great collection from a great band and a couple of great songwriters, masters of tension without release. These songs will appeal to everyone from garage and punk fanatics to Numanoids and metal-heads.

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