NeuFutur Records Compilation #3

This isn’t really a NeuFutur Records compilation, but a disc that I found when digging through some boxes. I believe I pulled the tracks off of the respective artists’ Myspaces, but I could be wrong. These artists all were from Lancaster, Ohio. I’m guessing that the tracks are around the 2002-2006 era; comment with any additional information that you may have.

Check out the CD at . All rights reserved to the original artists.



01) Drunken Massacre – To The Gallows

02) Drunken Massacre – Dying Moment

03) Drunken Massacre – Blood Bath

04) Drunken Massacre – The Damned

05) audio rendition of graphic verbal discontent – clusterfuck

06) audio rendition of graphic verbal discontent – blustery affecting partly cloudy

07) audio rendition of graphic verbal discontent – good times kazaa

08) Encephalon – Theta Wave

09) Encephalon – Static in the Hole

10) Encephalon – Route 33

11) Gate21 – She Thinks I’m Crazy

12) Gate21 – I Can’t Let You Go

13) Messalina – Montgomery Hocking

14) Messalina – Upstairs Downstairs

15) Messalina – Planetarium Love Song

16) Messalina – Planetarium

17) Tristan Wolfe – It’s Lake and I Broke A String

18) 6ixuse – Fly Away

19) Five Years Past – The Little Things I Feel

20) Five Years Past – Washing It Away

21) Jadison Notes –  What You Had

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Author: James McQuiston

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