New MOONLOOP Track Streaming has posted the track “Strombus” off of Deeply from the Earth, the new album from Barcelona progressive death metal act MOONLOOP. Blending together a multitude of styles into one awe-inspiring track, “Strombus” is just one of many boundary-pushing tunes you’ll find of Deeply from the Earth. Go HERE to listen.

Deeply from the Earth will be available for North American consumption on July 3rd via Listenable Records.

Deeply from the Earth Cover Art & Track Listing:


Awaking Spirals of Time

Beginning of the End

A Life Divided


Deceiving Time

Legacy of Fear

Wailing Road


Atlantis Rising


MOONLOOP was born in 2001 in Barcelona and plays a progressive kind of Death Metal not dissimilar to bands like OPETH at their early stage and GOJIRA – distinguished by powerful guitar riffs and atmospheric passages. The band lineup has remained the same since : Eric Baule (vocals, guitar), Juanjo Martin (rhythm guitar, vocals), Raul Payán (drums) and Vic Granell (bass).

After recording their first demo, entitled Things Can Change, they opened for Anathema at Razzmatazz 2 in June 2004 showing that MOONLOOP is a multi-faceted band with growing abilities so early in their career. In late 2005, they record their second demo, entitled Release from Duality, which received a roaring response from the medias. It was even hailed as one of the best demos of the year. After playing at the Sant Climent festival in 2006, MOONLOOP’s name started to rise up as one of the most popular bands in the Spanish metal scene.

The process of recording a third demo began in January 2007; its songs were based on Mother Earth and the respect for nature. That year the band participated to three festivals: Riells Death Metal Fest, Burning Hell Fest and Move Your Fucking Brain. True Nature Revealed received critical acclaim in both local radio, press and internet medias . From 2009 to 2010, MOONLOOP demoed songs that ended on the debut album, played many shows in their native country.

In 2011 and after a long recording period of thoughts, experimentation and musical growth, the album was finally mixed at The Room studios by Gorka Dresbaj and mastered at Mastering Room AB (Sweden) by Goran Finnberg. Bearing the title of Deeply from the Earth , the album is based again on Mother Earth, as well as on life experiences.

MOONLOOP ‘s undeniable quality metal shows great promise.

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