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The expansive sound that is established on Phil’s Harmonic is nothing less than amazing. With the drums being laid down by Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, what issues forth on Harmonic is nothing less than special. The sound that issues forth from the introductory Vitriolize is unparalleled; there are hints of metal, punk, grunge, and sludge that can all be heard. The different influences ebb and flow through Mitch and Hun. While not immediately discernible on a first listen, a few threads are ran through the entirety of Harmonic.

Philm’s greatest contribution is providing new fans with a semblance of the early nineties music scene as ran through current and contemporary filters. I missed out on the work of bands like Sebadoh and Mudhoney when they were still active groups, but Philm touches upon their work on tracks like Sex Amp and Held in Light. Harmonic is a title that keeps a high amount of momentum throughout; where there is some sense that a title’s second half will be considerably weaker than its first, Philm’s efforts never falter. Mild is the penultimate track on Harmonic and is a must listen, if not only for the interplay between the instrumentation.

The fury that issues forth on Harmonic is something that is filtered through a wide array of styles and sounds. The denseness of the resulting compositions virtually force listeners into multiple listens, just to hear and understand precisely what is being done on the title. Make it a point to purxchase a copy of this CD today, while seeing whether Philm is coming around to a city near you. I’m personally interested to hear where the band will take listeners on efforts and albums to come.

Top Tracks: Vitriolize, Way Down

Rating: 8.2/10

Philm – Harmonic (CD) / 2012 Ipecac Records / 15 Tracks /

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