Slow Gherkin – Run Screaming (CD)

Even though I have heard of Slow Gherkin before, I had never heard of them until Asian Man sent me their latest CD, “Run Screaming”. Slow Gherkin are definitely a trandescendent treat, as they have weathered the storm that ravaged all of the typical Ska acts of the mid 1990’s. This is due to the fact that Slow Gherkin is no typical band, as they successfully modified indie rock, ska, emo, blues, and rock into one hell of an act. “11:47” has my vote for the catchiest song on the album, driving home well-written lyrics with a hook-laden styling. This is not to make a huge division from “11:47” to the rest of the CD, as all the tracks simply make the disc perfect grooving music. The urgency that Slow Gherkin has in their live show is transferred to this disc, having the effect of combating the canned sound many acts put on their stereo album. Kudos to this act for being one of the very few that has caused this reviewer to actually dance the first time that he listened to the disc. The vitality of this act is such because of all the different forms and styles of music that they take into the studio. Get this at your local indie record shop, or from . Since I started reviewing albums again after my departure from that feature, I have been going through a number of decent, even good, album, but this is the first CD that I will put in the NeuFutur Hall of Fame.
Rating : 9.5/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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