Slow Motion Reign – S/T (CD)

The style of music that Slow Motion Reign starts out their album with is something that one would not necessarily tie to Serj (from System of a Down). However, one thing does link the two bands, being the ability to rapidly change styles and have that gambit work. Even if Slow Motion Reign has a slow start, they do kick into something much harder during “Twilight Skylight”. This is not just System part II, but rather a band that comes into music with a much more sedate sound. At some point, Slow Motion Reign has a larger conceivable audience than System has; there is potential for the band to hit it big with the college set.

The band rolls off a series of hits during the first half of the CD, and while they are more pop and light rock than hard rock, the intensity of the band is hard to match. The devotion of the band to creating a full sound is something that should bring listeners in drove; even when the band is rooted in pop music, there is a certain epic sound to them that rivals that of Guns N Roses during their “November Rain” albums. “Embryonic” brings the band into a harder brand of rock, tying their fortunes up with acts like the Foo Fighters.

The band’s desire to create very solid and interesting music is not diminished by their assumption of another brand of music; their eclecticism on this album may just make them the descendent of jam acts and of more successful acts like Incubus. The band will always surprise listeners, as there is little idea where the band will go with each track. “Shining Days” moves the band even further into an eclectic vein, as the style seems to take on hints of both Oasis and more classical type of Broadway music. To say that Slow Motion Reign is a diverse band is to state the obvious; the band takes its listeners on a journey that sails them all throughout the band’s musical world. The band will get a large amount of fans because of the styles of music that they play, but they should get some fans that truly love music, and love music that is done well. That Slow Motion Reign does perfectly on their album; here’s to hoping that the band has a long career and a fan base that is as devoted to the band as the band is to their music.

Top Tracks: Habits, Embryonic

Rating: 6.4/10


Slow Motion Reign – S/T / 2006 Serjical Strike / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 21 May 2006

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