Sluts of Trust – We Are All Sluts of Trust (CD)


Noisy, loud, and oddly catchy, Scotland’s Sluts of Trust play a style of rock that is not immediately recognizable as being influenced by any one specific band. Breakneck tempos meet with screeching leads and brutal rhythm guitars. Moving through a similar sounding style in “Piece O’ You”, which makes the first two tracks join together in some bizarre ritual. Each track is different enough that one’s interest is piqued, instead of driven into the grounds of disinterest. Adding the Scottish accent in a major way to the opening of “Tighter than the Night”, Sluts of Trust continue spicing up their intense rock focus. Each track is a reiteration of their same general style, but Sluts of Trust put that one thing in the track to ensure that listener interest does not wane. Infusing the melody of scales for “Leave You Wanting More” and putting Southern-rock guitars alongside a very viable brand of indie rock, “Tighter That The Night” works for a myriad of different listeners on different levels.

“Let’s…” is a very restrained track, with a bubbling tempo hiding just below the guitars and a set of vocals that reminds one of the few good things about Interpol. “The continuing struggle…” benefits much from a strong rein on the numerous tempo and time shifts of the tracks, which is a more clarion call to the incredible versatility of Jon and Anthony. “greatest Gift” brings out The Doors influence of Sluts of Trust; for the even with the Scottish brogue, the vocals sound like they are being spewed by a modern-day Jimi Morrison, and the psychedelic nature of the guitars during that track make it like a lost track of the band. “Dominoes” has a weird Rufus Wainwright-style approach to vocals that really seem unpolished, even down to the echo chamber chorus found on the track. In contrast to the solid mastering of the rest of the disc, “Dominoes” has the vocals laid down on the track dwarf the bass and guitar.

“We Are All Sluts of Trust” is for the most part a very quick-going, hard-hitting CD that brings back a no-frills style of rock that has been not present in most circles, with most rock bands attempting to strive for the overblown arena-rock of bands like The Darkness. Not really radio-friendly during this disc, the incredible song-writing and arranging abilities of Sluts of Trust will ensure that they will get a proper spot in music history.

Top Tracks: Pirate Weekend, Let’s…

Rating: 7.2/10

Sluts of Trust – We Are All Sluts of Trust / 2004 Chemikal Underground Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 06 November 2004

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