Teen Spirit (DVD)


Teen Spirit is a film that focuses on the machinations of Amber Pollock (Cassie Scerbo, of Make It or Break It) in eir desire to become the prom queen. Connected at all points through eir high school career, Pollock finds eirself unable to reach out to those that ey originally associated with. Turned into an apparition, Pollock wants to receive the accolades that were unavailable to eir during eir short life. To do so, ey has to transform a living individual – Lisa (Lindsey Shaw, 16-Love) from a flop into the most popular person in the school. Lisa is reluctant to take part in these activities, only agreeing to when Amber’s former boyfriend (Piranha 3DD) is added to the mix.

The blend of current and up and coming actors make Teen Spirit into a title that has considerable star power. The roles turned in by Scerbo, Shaw, and Zylka are realistic and are approachable – viewers can imagine friends that they had that were similar during their time in high school.

Image’s DVD release of Teen Spirit is sharp, with colors straddling the line between realistic and Hollywood-esque.  The audio is sufficiently crisp to allow for viewers to watch the film and understand everything that is said, while rendering atmospheric effects well. If you like films in the vein of Bad Girls, Heathers, or 10 Things I Hate About You, make it a point to pick up Teen Spirit from your local video store or from countless online retailers.

Rating: 8.7/10

Teen Spirit (DVD) / 2012 Image Entertainment / 82 Minutes / http://www.image-entertainment.com

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