Women’s Mach 14 Spikeless (Shoe)


Brooks’ Mach 14 are some of the lightest shoes that we have reviewed. They are able to become an extension of one’s foot to allow for a better grip and a faster transition into a full-out run. While one will be shocked at the overall weight of the shoe, I feel that purchasers will be able to cut time off of their personal records.

The print on the shoe (red/blue provides the proper visual oomph to set off an outfit perfectly, all while keeping the killer fit and grip constant. No matter whether an individual is running cross-country or on a track, the Mach 14 Spikeless provide substantial benefit. The included ribbon shoelaces ensure the best fit without providing an uneven feel to the shoe. The skeletal frame that comprises much of the shoe’s weight ensures a constant experience each time one goes out for a run. The flexibility of the shoe ensures that it benefits the runner even on bumpy or otherwise abnormal surfaces. While incredibly thin and light, these shoes are durable as all get out. A rock, sharp foliage, and any other normal circumstance will not bow or otherwise impact the Mach 14 Spikeless.

At $70, these shoes are a steal; make sure to pick up a pair from the Brooks Running online store. They will provide runners with years of comfortable and cutting-edge running, while providing the closest thing to running barefoot that we have ever experienced. No matter which types of exercise that one does during an average week, there is a Brooks shoe that has been designed for that purpose. The considerable lack of cost compared to other companies’ efforts should allow for individuals to pick up a few pairs for the varieties of exercises they do on a daily basis.

Rating: 9.4/10

Women’s Mach 14 Spikeless (Shoe) / Brooks Running / http://www.brooksrunning.com

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