Clark Colborn Releases “Eleanor Rigby” as Digital Single

On July 20th, Rockford, Illinois guitarist Clark Colborn will release his cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” as a digital single. In the upcoming issue of Music Street Journal, Larry Toering says this of the song, “…on this Beatles cover he goes all out to record a beautified guitar instrumental take on the classic. His skills are simply unmatched by anyone as he shows how a track like this can actually benefit from his electrifying touch. The symphonic parts are simply gritty, dirty and tasteful, not unlike that of a metal attempt at the track. But the melody finds itself in a somehow more diverse simplicity and naturally more musical effort than metal can deliver. From the opening notes to the last few, it ends right where it left off with a feathery light appeal. In between there are bursts of inspiration at every turn in the arrangement. Colborn is one of the most lyrical guitarists in the business, and he sings on the strings every second of the way. I’ve always loved this track as it is, even the Rare Earth version holds a place with me, but this brings it into the now and puts a hook like no other on it.”


While this release is strictly a digital single, and not available elsewhere or in other formats, Colborn’s January 2012 album Again is available in digital and physical formats. Along with this 2003 album Clark Plays Guitar, it comprises the rest of Colborn’s catalog to date.  At “Wormwood Chronicles” ( Dr. Abner Mality said this about Again, “Clark Colborn plays guitar. That simple statement sums up a lot. In fact, Clark doesn’t merely play guitar, he attacks it, he soothes it, he coaxes all manner of sounds from it. The guy is a guitar virtuoso, but much more tasteful than a mere ‘shredder’ who makes the instrument beg for mercy with endless neoclassical arpeggio blasts and brutal polyrhythms.”

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