Fawn – Coastlines (CD)


The album starts out as a microcosm of sounds and styles to come; I believe that Fawn introduces themselves nicely to listeners. While the band is riding a wave of success after the release of “No Wave”, I feel that the rest of the cuts on this album are at least as strong as that cut. The eclectic approach of Fawn is the reason that can create hit after hit on Coastlines. The pop stylings of the act touch upon early nineties alternative just as much as twee-pop; the sheer number of influences that are present on this album will have listeners finding something new with each subsequent listen.

Later tracks keep the momentum of Coastlines strong; where some acts will start grinding to a halt about half-way after the album opens, Fawn continues to innovate and expand upon their own unique sound. Where Detroit as a whole has moved towards more of the rap scene in popular culture the last few years (Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean), Fawn is looking to take back the rock mantle for the Motor City. We found ourselves to be big fans of tracks like The Forest, where the band is able to have a few more seconds and can provide their listeners with an epic track. By allowing instrumentation, vocals, and the interaction between the two more than three minutes (as is also the case with No Wave), Coastlines can really begin to shine.

­­i believe that the expansive sound that is created during Coastlines will be expanded upon considerably with any subsequent albums. Make it a point to check out Fawn whenever they stop by a city near you.

Top Tracks: Cobra On the Beach, It’s Never Over

Rating: 8.4/10

Fawn – Coastlines (CD) / 2012 Quite Scientific / 10 Tracks / http://www.wearefawn.com/

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