Hellraiser: Hellseeker (Blu-Ray)


The Hellraiser franchise has been one of the few horror series that have continually expanded upon the original mythos while providing tremendously entertaining films. Hellseeker was the sixth of these films, and had not received a Blu-Ray transfer until now. The film starts out with another unlucky soul solving the puzzle box. For those that have not watched a Hellraiser film, this is when the supremely evil Pinhead can make it back to Earth. While Pinhead is able to begin eir titular activity, Kirsty (a character from the first three movies), played by Ashley Laurence, attempts to put Pinhead down for good. Laurence, Doug Bradley (Pinhead) and Clive Barker unite to provide one of the most intense Hellraiser films. It seems as if Pinhead is taking an entirely new role with this film; only time will tell whether ey or another is the most evil being portrayed. While the film focuses on the relationship between Pinhead, Kirsty, and Trevor (Dean Winters, of Oz and 30 Rock), the rest of the cast bands together to make for a fully immersive and realistic world for viewers.

The Blu-Ray is value priced, ensuring that fans can pick it up for under $6 at a number of online retailers. The three films that followed Hellseeker – 2005’s Deader and Hellworld and 2011’s Relevations – need to be given the same star treatment. Here’s to hoping that Echo Bridge will get the chance to provide the same TLC in releasing them on Blu-Ray. Check out their website for information about the other titles that Echo Bridge will be releasing at the end of this year and beyond.

Rating: 7.9/10

Hellraiser: Hellseeker (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Echo Bridge / 89 Minutes / http://www.echobridgehe.com

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