Maren Parusel Reveals Dreamy New Video for “Tightrope Walker”

Electro-dream rocker MAREN PARUSEL is ready to wow you with her stunning new video for “Tightrope Walker,” which had just premiered on Baeble Music yesterday. The gorgeous piece is the first single of Maren’s brilliant new album, Tightrope Walker, which was released to critical acclaim late last month. Equal parts dream sequence and Alice in Wonderland, Parusel will grab your attention…and fast. There’s a surprise around every corner as the upbeat, yet haunting track, takes you into a dream world, which you will not soon forget. The eerie images throughout the video are able to combine and create something extremely beautiful and certainly unforgettable.
Directed and edited by Greg Schoenwald and Dead In 60 Years, with costumes and make up by, the crew brings the song to life in this truly amazing video. Front woman Parusel had this to say about the film:
“Many thanks to Dead in 60 Years, a group who supports indie music and local music events in Fresno. We met the crew a year ago on a trip up to Fresno while on tour up the coast and they offered us to make our first music video, “Kiss You.”  We liked it so much that we asked them again this time around. 
We started shooting the video after driving to Fresno the night before. The shoot started at 6:30 am to about 2 am the next morning, after which we drove 5 hours back home to San Diego. Special thanks to the crew of Dead in 60 Years, who never stopped with the determination to finish the video in a one day shoot. We went from climbing hills to an Alice in Wonderland Amusement park, had several jumps in the coldest pool in the world and ended up performing in a scary haunted house. Maren’s sister, Lena who was visiting from Germany was doing costume design and was performing as a scary masked clown in the video.”
Check out this colorful new video from MAREN PARUSEL and be prepared to fall in love.
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