Marvel Anime: Wolverine & Blade (2-Disc Sets)



Marvel is attempting to recast two of their major characters – Wolverine and Blade – in a style that is based heavily in Japan’s anime format. By transferring the story and overall framing over to Asia, Marvle is able to shake up relationships, motivations, all while providing fans with the characters that they know and love. Wolverine contains Cyclops and Omega Red, while Wolverine and Noah van Helsing both sneak into the Blade story.

Perhaps the most interesting inclusions on each of these DVD sets have to be the featurettes marking the transition of each character’s mythos to a different setting (Wolverine Reborn and Blade Re-Awakened). One will gain a keen appreciation for the amount of work that was put into each story. We were a favorite of Blade. Blade has been given the screen treatment before in a trilogy of movies. I feel that despite the change in the overall scenery, the story told on the Blade set exceeds that of the silver screen efforts. “Existence”, a cabal of vampires, is precisely the danger that makes Blade’s experience so compelling. It is precisely through this cunning and ability that Blade is able to ultimately succeed, while the different cast provides for an ample amount of different interactions to be had.

Make sure to pick up the other two re-tellings by Marvel; Iron and X-Men (which streeted in April); I believe Marvel has been able to destroy the conception of a comic-based television show having to stay true to form. I would like to see an expansion of the themes and characters created during both the Wolverine and Blade story arcs.

Rating: 8.7/10

Marvel Anime: Wolverine & Blade (2-Disc Sets) / 2012 Marvel / 284 Minutes | 282 Minutes / /

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