Rake (DVD Set)

Rake is a tremendously hilarious show; what House did for medical dramas, Rake has done for law shows. Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge) is Cleaver Greene, a judge that straddles the line between genius and insane. The rapport that ey has with the different elements of the city showcases that ey knows what is best for the area. Where Greene is rough around the edges, ey truly has a heart of gold and a relentless desire to showcase the truth.

The show focuses on Greene’s defense of various individuals – a professor, a bigamist, and even someone that had carnal relations with their dog. The final episode of the season – R v Corella – lays the groundwork for an additional season. In this episode, David Potter (the show’s main antagonist, whom is attempting to nail Greene on violation of tax law) actually wins eir race for parliament. What that means for Greene is unclear at this point, but one will be let off at the end of the episode wondering exactly how Greene will continue eir mission for good when the government is actively working against eir.

Fans of Night Court will appreciate what is done here in Rake, but I feel that the show has its own unique flair. A cast that includes Matt Day, Hugo Weaving, and Russell Dykstra ensures that XXX. BFS’s release contain the first 8 episodes of the show; ABC1 has stated that there will be additional episodes released of the show in the next year or so. Make sure to support BFS in this venture and they will be able to plumb the depths of Australian TV.

Rating: 9.0/10

Rake (DVD Set) / 2012 BFS Entertainment / 433 Minutes / http://www.bfsent.com

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