Raushi – High Tides Collide (CD)

Dani Raushi and her band begins High Tides Collide with a furious bit of rock that seems destined for radio rotation. The harder edge of the drums and guitars amps up the overall sound as Raushi’s vocals come forth as a blend of The Pretty Reckless, Evanescence, and Avril Lavigne. The tightness of the resulting composition is enough to keep listeners focused in, and Don’t Call Me (the next track) does a great job in keeping that momentum.

With instrumentation that blends equal parts Green Day and Papa Roach, the band easily creates an album that surpasses other efforts in the genre. The multiple vocals presented on this track provide listeners with an additional facet to Raushi. Everything You Love To Hate switches the overall sound of the track up considerably, putting Raushi’s vocals in the spotlight. The interplay that she has with the rest of the band, coupled with utterly professional production makes this into a must-have title. The band cuts hit after hit on High Tides Collide, and even late-disc tracks like He’s Trying To Save Me innovate.

This track is particularly special, as it slows things down and allows the band to include more nuance than has been present. This track blends equal parts Paramore and pop, putting forth a progression that hits upon Blink-182 and The Anniversary. With the sheer amount of styles and approaches that the band take during High Tides Collide, listeners will be surprised at every twist and turn that awaits. Make it a point to check out High Tides Collide and see where the band stops around you. Simply one of our favorite albums this year.

Top Tracks: Everything You Love To Hate, High Times Collide

Rating: 8.3/10

Raushi – High Tides Collide (CD) / 2012 Self / 11 Tracks / http://raushi.com/

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