Sixstep – House of Cards (CD)

Sixstep is an act that bounces between reggae and ska, spinning the two styles into something that can be appreciated by all. There is a certain storyteller feel here, where the band weaves a story through each of the tracks on House of Cards. Get In Line keeps things free through the inclusion of a chunky and funky bass line. This addition gives Sixstep a varied sound that yields considerably more with each subsequent listen. The country breakdown that marks the middle-point of this track provides a levity that makes the political feel of the track that much more poignant.

Party For Steven is an utterly brooding track that continues the story of the band and KNOW; this sad track shows the sheer hopelessness of life. Where the titular event is one for celebration, there is a sense that society puts an incredible amount of pressure on each of its inhabitants. The 15 tracks on House of Cards are thematically similar to the Joe’s Garage saga of Frank Zappa. The talent of the band ensures that all can appreciate the story that is told here.

With tracks like Apocalyptic Breakfast and Enjoy the Free Fall, the band ends their House of Cards just as strong as they opened it. I have no idea where the band will take their listeners on subsequent albums, but I do know that they have the talent and skill together to make for something that is absolutely earthy-shattering. Check out the band’s Facebook to find a way to pick up a copy of House of Cards to see what I mean.

Top Tracks: Time Out of Mind, Party for Steven

Rating: 8.4/10

Sixstep – House of Cards (CD) / 2012 Self / 15 Tracks /

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