Sodom – S/T (CD)


“Blood on Your Lips” has it all – strongly enunciated lyrics to the point that individuals can distinguish anything that is being sung, utterly sick guitar work, and drumming that pops up whenever the band needs it. The style of music may be too hard to get on pop radio, but the idea is that listeners are treated by Sodom on this CD much like they would be at a Hilton.

The overall sound of this self-titled disc is something that bounces through a number of different styles, but is always hard and never allows listeners to get their breaths once the band has started. This version of thrash meets death metal is easily as furious as a Slayer but is less bipolar than Slayer; the more focused beam of Sodom’s music really succeeds in ways that Slayer cannot and does not. Let us not forget that Sodom wasn’t kicking around the nineties a pale ghost of what they once were. Jumping back into a distinctly eighties style with “Buried In The Justice Ground”, Sodom even make something that is linked to hair bands respectable; the guitars are of the same sort that came forth in early Ratt and Motley Crue, but without the pure schmaltz that were present in either of the acts. “City of God” moves slightly to a Pantera type of sound, something that is mixed half and half with the slightly older sound that is ever-present during this self-titled disc.

The production of the disc is great for Sodom, even if it is a little dry; there is nothing structure that holds the band back from rocking as hard as they can, just as the band is not echoing through too loose of a structure on this disc. The result is something that allows listeners to hear everything that the band does, a boon during the intricate guitar work of tracks like “Bibles and Guns”. Sodom has not lost a step since their first album, and the maturity that is shown on this disc should be enough of a reason to go out and find a copy of this disc. With a furious sound abusing their listeners throughout, listeners will feel worn-out and beaten by the end of the disc. The band could not hope for any better; this is an unqualified success for Sodom and should work well as a mandate to keep doing what they have been doing for all these years.

Top Tracks: Buried in the Justice Ground, City of God

Rating: 6.8/10


Sodom – S/T / 2006 SPV / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 April 2006

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