Gitar – Seen as Unclean (CD)

Themes From Gitar starts off Seen as Unclean, and it provides a blueprint for how the album ultimately will play out. This microcosm of the album will immediately familiarize listeners with Gitar’s inimitable style, and create a different context to enjoy. Eyes of the World showcases the act as ultimately comfortable in their settings. The ability of Gitar to expand upon minutia and create such an immersive track is unparalleled; the act continues this trend through the whole of the album. The echoing and shuffling of the song points towards psychedelic, surf, 80s and 90s alternative as Gitar continues to establish their unique style. In the Pocket benefits through the inclusion of bongo drums, which establish a much more primeval and organic sound to the track. This facet is further highlighted with the electronic meets psych dynamic of the rest of the band. What I Know showcases Gitar at their most focused. The narration present on the track is reminiscent of Pink Floyd and early Nine Inch Nails. Seen as Unclean shines with this epic effort; the band is able to craft an epic track in less than four minutes.

Make sure to check out the Gitar CD today, and find out whenever they are stopping down for a live set around you. The band is able to shine through the whole of Seen as Unclean and as such, destroys the conception that bands put their weaker efforts on the later registers of their release. Electrical is an angular and precise track that will have listeners on the dance floor. Here’s to hoping that Gitar is able to build off of the works heard here with subsequent recordings; we’ll be keeping an ear firm to the ground.

Top Tracks: In The Pocket, Soaking Soul (Para Liza)

Rating: 8.3/10

Gitar – Seen as Unclean (CD) / 2012 Self / 12 Tracks /

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