Drop Electric — Drop Electric Sampler Platter EP (CD)

Empire Trashed is a track that provides a tremendously interesting atmosphere to listeners. The use of electric and organic sides during this track create a haunting effort that takes on hints of Enigma, Enya, and Massive Attack. The track possesses a number of distinct movements; Drop Electric are able to unite these into one cohesive track. The drum track that kicks towards the bottom of this track adds just enough energy to keep listeners focused in to the EP’s other efforts.

Fighting at the Mall has a haunting, distinctive opening that blends into an echoing and hard-hitting blend of synth and drums. While the track is influenced by acts like Radiohead and The Killers, I feel that Drop Electric is able to use the intensity and earnestness of punk music to push their works to the next level. What was once visceral and gritty has been transmogrified into something elegant. Santo Domingo marks the second half of this EP, and the track itself blends in a more middle eastern flair to Drop Electric’s overall sound.

Slick Willy’s Last Waltz is the final track on the EP. This track is able to fit about eight or nine minutes of music in a three-minute space; the use of empty space on this cut makes for great effect. Taken together, these four tracks provide a full look into Drop Electric and give the listeners just enough of a taste. The repetition that is used in this track is tweaked ever so slightly with each subsequent iteration; the use of chiaroscuro between the lighter and more tumultuous parts of the track tend to highlight both. Drop Electric is a tremendous band, and I would like to see how they would fare in a full-length setting. Hit up their Bandcamp today!

Top Tracks: Empire Trashed, Fighting At the Mall

Rating: 8.5/10

Drop Electric — Drop Electric Sampler Platter EP (CD) / 2012 Self / http://www.dropelectric.bandcamp.com/

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