Everclear – Invisible Stars (CD)

You know you’re getting old when those bands that first surfaced in your college years are now touring as a packaged nostalgia acts alongside fellow graying rock bands. In the case of Everclear, now celebrating 20 years as a band, that means hitting the road with the Gin Blossoms, Lit, Marcy Playground and Sugar Ray.


And if audiences are permitting, Everclear can even sneak in some new songs from their new record Invisible Stars, between well-known hits like “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine”. The latest, their first new material in six years, is pretty much what you’d come to expect from the band, personal lyrics, put to catchy music.


If you were never a fan of the band, this isn’t going to change your opinion of them. But if you were, there is something refreshing about a group not trying to be something they aren’t. They have a formula that works for them, so they keep repeating it. Let’s just hope they’re considerate enough to start the shows on time so the audience can get home in time to relieve the baby sitter.
Everclear – Invisible Stars/12 tracks/eOne/2012

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