Some Girls – The DNA Will Have It’s Say (CD)

This CD has the shortest songs this side of Short Music For Short People. 7 tracks take up the space of about 6 minutes. If one can’t guess what style of music Some Girls play, chances are that they are pretty clueless to start with. This is a brand of noise that is electrified in much of the same vein as Ministry, but maintains their genre ties with bands like The Locust and Ed Gein. The Locust connect is well met, as the band does include a Locust member, but the sound does not predominate as much as it can be heard throughout the tracks at differing times. In fact, “The DNA Will Have It’s Say”, an original vinyl release really does not have a stop in its 6:19 of runtime as much as it has momentary gasps of a breath – not breathing room, though – that revitalizes the track. The division between songs on “The DNA Will Have It’s Say” is a mite blurred with the tremendous speed that these tracks are infused with.

However, the band does find some calm before the storm in tracks like “A Sick Cult”, where the guitars recede for a valuable second where the vocals almost assume a harmony. The title track uses a female voice as another instrument, screaming out and filling up an empty space in the high-priced real estate of this noise band. The brutal guitars that are much more laconic and filling, especially on the penultimate track “Nazi Rodeo” really show that Some Girls can veer their speeding ship into different directions if they so wish. However, even with the fact that this album ends after the equivalent time of about two pop songs, the disc feels much longer than its time would indicate. This is due to the myriad of interpretations and differing levels that Some Girls work at.

This means that each track on “The DNA Will Have Its Way” is so dense, as black hole as it were that listeners are sucked in and time just slows down. Some Girls may not have the desire to modify the entirety of time signatures with their music, but provide some nice thrash/noise music for their fans than never disappoints. Some Girls are just another step in the public recognition of thrash/noise as more than simply some people smacking the hell out of their instruments for a few minutes, but a viable art form.

Top Track: Nazi Rodeo

Rating: 6.1/10

Some Girls – The DNA Will Have It’s Say
Some Girls – The DNA Will Have It’s Say / 2005 Three One G Records / 7 Tracks / / / Reviewed 23 May 2005

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