Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi – My Magic Last Days (CD)


Mourn For Me Like The Prophet is the initial track on My Magic Last Days, and it is a track that blends together the gritty sound of late-eighties industrial with hints of psychedelic and new wave. What results is something that is always nuanced and requires a number of listens before listeners can get a full semblance of what is happening. The track keeps listeners firmly focused in, despite possessing a run time considerably longer than the bulk of the disc.

I feel that those tracks that possess more of a laser focus are those that succeed on this title; Lieberman’s version of Red Rubber Ball showcases a singularity of mind and effort that is fairly catchy. In fact, the groove that continues through the middle of the disc showcases a cohesive side to Lieberman that has been missing on prior albums. While there are 18 cuts on My Magic Last Days, I feel that there are more integral tracks here than there have been. Keith Gave Me a ½ Star Review has a bouncy feel that allows Lieberman’s pointed commentary and flutes to shine.

I Hate The State is a late-disc effort that tips the scales at nearly seven minutes. The momentum comes and goes, but Lieberman’s desire to keep things fresh should be lauded. My Magic Last Days is one of the best Lieberman titles that we’ve reviewed, and I feel that if ey can further polish eir overall output, a great album can follow. Check out Lieberman’s music and website, as well as our previous reviews of Lieberman’s work.

Top Tracks: Mourn For Me Like The Prophet, They Milked His Aorta La-La-La

Rating: 6.8/10

Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi – My Magic Last Days (CD) / 2012 Jdub Records / 18 Tracks / /

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