Hope you are having a great Friday! I wanted to follow-up with you regarding gmc TV’s first documentary reality special “I Forgive You,” brought to viewers by Emmy and Academy Award winning executive producer Arnold Shapiro. “I Forgive You”  dives into painful pasts and addresses hard-to-face issues with honest and raw confessions that will leave you inspired.  See details below and let us know if we can lock in an interview. See details and pitch below- we look forward to hearing from you.


What: “I Forgive You” is an emotional and uplifting one hour documentary series that provides people the opportunity to forgive someone who has hurt them or a loved one physically or emotionally. Each episode will present four unique stories that profile individuals before, during, and after an act of forgiveness. The pilot episode includes four unique and diverse stories.


Story Topics:

  • Mary and Oshea -A woman who forgives the man who murdered her son
  • Jeffrey and Jerry and Sandra -Parents who forgive their son whose Ponzi scheme cost them their retirement savings.

·         Lynda and Her High School Bullies-A woman who returns to face her high school tormentors twenty-five years later

·         Ben and Fallon -A husband who forgives his wife for her infidelity


Hook: This series coincides with National Bullying Prevention Month (November).  With stories attracting worldwide media attention like that of Amanda Todd’s ( this type of wholesome programming is crucial, and can serve as a source of encouragement for victims of bullying and of any type of pain, and possibly save lives.


When: I Forgive You premieres on gmc TV Nov. 18th at 9, 10, and 11 PM ET


For additional photos, materials, and to watch the promo:


Available for interviews:

  • Executive Producer Arnold Shapiro: An Oscar and 16-time Emmy Award-winning producer who sold his first show when he was 22. He has produced 31 series, four TV movies and more than 100 documentaries and reality shows. Arnold Shapiro Productions has produced for every broadcast network, and more than a dozen cable channels from MTV to HBO – including the ground-breaking documentary, “Scared Straight!,” two CBS reality series: “Rescue 911” and “Big Brother,” and the current A&E series, “Beyond Scared Straight.”
  • Mary & Oshea -A woman who forgives the man who murdered her son


·         Lynda -A woman who returns to face her high school tormentors twenty-five years later

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