Pac-Man: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

Pac-Man was an absolute force in the early eighties, and the video game spawned a cartoon. The second season of Pac-Man aired through 1983 and contained 16 episodes. This cartoon is a classic, but has not received a DVD release up to this point. After the release of the first season, Warner has continued restoration and collection work on the show. Happy Pacs-Giving is an updated version of the classic Thanksgiving yarn, while The Greatest Show in Pacland showcases how the other half (the ghosts) live.

The Old Pac-Man and the Sea opens up the Pac-Man world to show viewers Paclantis, while Journey into the Pac-Past expands upon Pacland to showcase a wide variety of times. I feel that the subject material that is captured during the second season of Pac-Man ensures that this second season surpasses the initial season. The episodes themselves are always fun and contain family friendly plots; the cast of various Pac-family members and ghosts give each of the episodes a considerably different bent from each other. The video quality of these episodes is incredibly sharp; Pac-Man is one of the few shows from this period that does not feel overly dated, fuzzy, or otherwise inferior from older forms of recording and archiving.

This season changes up the formula considerably with the inclusion of cousin PJ and Super-Pac , while containing the same solid story-telling and goofy eighties humor. Make sure to purchase the two seasons of Pac-Man to show the Warner Archive that their Hanna-Barbera collection are good sellers.

Rating: 8.7/10


Pac-Man: The Complete Second Season (DVD) / 2012 Warner Archive / 216 Minutes /


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