Ramo Dajaneiro – Feature and Running All Muthafuckas Over Review (CD)

If You Don’t Know is the first track on Running All Muthafuckas Over, and it immediately showcases that Ramo Dajaneiro is a substantially different rapper than what is currently popular. There is an urgency to each of the cuts here that showcases that he has actually lived what he’s rapping about. The production is crisp and fits the flow, ensuring a rough and ready track that will have listeners focused in before this first cut is up.

City of Boom keeps listeners wondering, as the track comes forth as a more laid-back and expansive track. What this song does for Ramo Dajaneiro is showcases that he can hang with more introspective and music-heavy efforts. Ramo’s flow can stand on the top of the track while the beat sparkles in the cold Detroit night. What I appreciate on Running All Muthafuckas Over is the lack of skits or cheesy cuts; the 13 tracks here provide listeners with a good sense about who the rapper is, what he does, and how he represents something considerably different the normal. Hustling Hard is one of the album’s strongest track, and it is this simultaneous blend of hard and light that virtually ensures that this track will make it onto rotation.

Running All Muthafuckas Over is one of those rare rap albums that stays strong throughout; it is only made stronger by the sheer effort put into each of these tracks. Buy a copy of Running All Muthafuckas Over today at the Bandcamp link, see exactly when he performs in a city around you, and make sure you keep an ear firmly to the ground for his next efforts. I believe he’ll be the next Royce before he puts up the mic.

Top Tracks: You Ain’t Fucking With Me, It’s On Til It’s Not, If You Don’t Know

Rating: 8.8/10

Ramo Dajaneiro – Feature and Running All Muthafuckas Over Review (CD) / 2012 Self / 12 Tracks / http://ramodajaneiro.bandcamp.com/

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