Rawhide: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Set)


Rawhide was a show that focused on the unique circumstances encountered by cow ranchers during the 1860s. This black and white show contained a more realistic tenor than other shows of its period, as it took suggestions and even employed hands from local ranches. Paramount has released the first four seasons of the show already. Rawhide: The Complete Fifth Season is a dish that is served two ways. One can purchase either half of this 29-episode season, or they could go whole hog and pick up the entire season at once.

The crispness and clarity of this DVD set is incredible, considering the fact that these episodes are over fifty years old (the fifth season aired originally from 1962 to 1963). Paramount has included closed captioning for those that need it. I believe that the show is interesting in its portrayal of Native Americans. Where the middle years of the twentieth century were marred by politically incorrect views of these people, I feel that there is a more even-handed approached presented by Rawhide during episodes like Incident of the Hostages and Incident of the Clown. The show also captures the group dynamic nicely. There are struggles and fights that occur in this camp, rather than creating a wholly unrealistic portrait of the life that these individuals lived.

Make sure to purchase this DVD set, as strong sales will ensure that Paramount will continue to re-issue this classic bit of television country. As the holiday season has already started, I would have to strongly recommend this for anyone that was originally a fan of the show, or would like to see how this veteran show continued to be “must see TV” before the term was even coined.

Rating: 8.0/10

Rawhide: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Set) / 2012 Paramount / http://www.paramount.com

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