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It has been about six months since I last heard SSM. SSM last time (on their self-titled full length album) was a band that had talent but did not always turn it into successes on the album. This is a six-song EP of newer tracks. The disc starts with “Put Me In”, a dance-worthy track that unfortunately has the vocals hidden to a fault behind the rest of the instrumentation. The instrumentation is solid and fun, but it is hard at times to hear what is being sang.

Even though the track is bouncy and fun, one has to wonder why exactly SSM decided to stick it up at the first slot, as aside from “Belle Isle Daze”, it is by far (almost two minutes) the longest track of the disc. The extended instrumental breakdown at the end of the track could be excised, or shortened considerably to make this track a little less burdensome to listeners. “Fcition Rock + Roll” is another of these tracks that obfuscates the vocals considerably, even though they would be a help to the track if allowed to shine. SSM is an act that can wow individuals every second with their retro, seventies sounding rock but without a more Iggy Pop-like power to the volume of the vocals, the band will continue to suffer. “Belle Isle Daze” is another of the same style of tracks from SSM, with a synthesizer / guitar blend that will take listeners off on a special journey for the near-five minutes of the track. The vocals are cranked up slightly to allow for individuals to hear what is being sad, which is nice.

The synthesizer that is present at the end of “Belle Isle Daze” is a blend of Temper Temper and The Doors; SSM is finally starting to get to a position which they should be at with the vocal-dominant “Country City”. There are six tracks on this album for which listeners can make a decision about SSM with; the tracks are stronger than they were on the self-titled album, but SSM has still a long way to go before they can take the music world by storm. The band has the ability and talent, so what is still left for SSM is finding a good producer and cutting an album that has perfect vocal levels. That is by far the easiest thing that SSM can to do become successful.

Top Track: Belle Isle Daze

Rating: 5.9/10


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