Staring Back – Many Will Play (CD)


Hey, you know all those bands out there like The All-American Rejects, Mest, and Die Trying? Well, each of those bands that are in the same mold gaining all sort of success should really give a share of their money to Staring Back. This disc, as was listed earlier, was created in 2000. The only reason why I am even going and reviewing this disc, after so many years of sitting on my shelf, is to show the listening public an amazing band that really still has a great deal of relevance in the current music scene. While “One More Year” has a slower, more emoish feel to it, “The Situation Will Come Online” is cure California-punk that has very hardcore breakdowns to a song that already rocks hard enough. And, in one of the most shrewd marketing moves ever, if a song by Staring Back does not do much more you, chances are that it will be over before you can start whining about it too much – the longest song on the disc is still under three minutes, and most songs average about 1:45. Moving between the slower emo-type songs to stuff that would rival the New York hardcore acts, Staring Back does have one thing that connects all their songs – quality in everything that they do. With tracks that are beyond hilarious such as “Mom” – a song about a mom that is hardcore, tracks that detail the tried and true loved and lost premise, Staring Back does not let anything get stale.

Top Track : Mom


Rating : 7.4/10
Staring Back – Many Will Play / 16 Tracks / Lobster Records / /

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