Stars Are Falling – The Consequence of Revenge (CD)


The hard edge of Stars Are Falling look more to a classic metal sound than to any hardcore style that might be the darling of the day. Saying that, the music that Stars Are Falling place on “The Consequence of Revenge” will undoubtedly be able to stand the test of time much better than anything else released this year. While the heaviness of the music here may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Stars Are Falling come up with a tremendous amount of harmony for each subsequent song on the disc. One only need listen to “Giving All We Have” to see the interplay between dark and light, hard and melodic to see why Stars Are Falling are a band to listen to.

Each of the tracks on “The Consequence of Revenge” flow into each other nicely, and while each song has a decidedly different subject material than the last, individuals will know how to identify what a Stars Are Falling track is by the end of the disc. The easiest thing to say about Stars Are Falling is the fact that they exceed the ability of all the other noted bands at Red Planet Studios. The promo sheet mentions the fact that both the Black Dahlia Murder and Spitfire recorded there, but Stars Are Falling make leaps and strides beyond both of these acts in providing a solid, fun, and intense piece of plastic. Perhaps the smartest decision made by Stars Are Falling is to give each track on “The Consequence of Revenge” a short runtime. This allows the band to imbue each of their tracks with an energy that was previously only available to punk and thrash acts.

While there is not a track on “The Consequence of Revenge” that will allow them to cross over in the same way as acts like Hawthorne Heights and Hatebreed, the entire album is something that individuals should become familiar with. This CD may be their first album, but the maturity shown on the disc is leagues beyond any other act that is coming to the bat for the first time. I may not be the biggest fan of this genre, but Stars Are Falling plays it well and makes me like this blend of hardcore, metal, thrash and the like for what may be the first time. Give “The Consequence of Revenge” a spin and agree with me; Stars Are Falling will be around for a long time after this.

Top Tracks: Eva, A New Beginning

Rating: 7.0/10


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