Engloria – Shine (CD)


High Tonight is an incredibly high energy track, and it shows that each member of Engloria throws their heart and soul into the track. The guitar, drums, bass, and vocals unite to make a stellar track. The titular track adds a little bit of psychedelic folk and pop into the mix, recalling the halcyon days of Oasis and Blur. Engloria is talented enough to update this Britpop-styled sound; there is a warmth to the recording that sets this track (and the rest of the titular album) firmly in the current period. I believe that Shine succeeds as a track because each element possesses a strong role; this is a trend that continues through during efforts like Where You Are and What Do You Say.

Come Around sets the drums up as the foundation for the track, which is densely populated with a ropy bass line, a synth that sneaks through the track’s backdrop, and absolutely coy set of vocals. Found a Girl is a hidden gem on Shine as it changes the status quoup considerably. Where the bulk of tracks presented on this album are ready-made for rotation, I feel that Found a Girl has considerable legs. The track is knotty and will require listeners to pay considerable attention to hear everything that the band has secreted away here. Hotel Song is truly the best of both worlds; its presence on Shine allows listeners an opportunity to hear the synthesis of the two disparate styles approached on this disc.

Buy a copy of Shine when it is released in the new year; mark January 13th on your calendars. Until that time, check out their new tracks and see them whenever they play live.

Top Tracks: What Do You Say, I’ve Been Down, Found a Girl

Rating: 8.1/10

Engloria – Shine (CD) / 2012 Self / 11 Tracks / http://www.engloria.com/bandcamp.cfm

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