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I believe that the most difficult task that a musician can take is committing oneself to the creation of a ten minute-plus track. The difficulty of this effort is so high due to the sheer amount of work one has to put in. It is simply not enough to merely repeat different arrangements (albeit with minor variations) for the bulk of the composition. Opening Sound dives headlong into this enterprise with Whispering Trees – Nature of Sound – In Search of the Sunrise Chord.

While ostensibly three different compositions, I feel that the act’s effort is sufficient enough to marry these three movements together.  Of particular note here has to be the vocal tones taken by the instrumentation. This thread is comparable to the rich narration that is fostered through these arrangements; Opening Sound does a tremendous job in mimicking real life with little more than a guitar and a piano. Waves of Sound From the Undersea Jubilee acts as a perfect counterpoint for the disc’s introduction – bits of electronic, jazz, and even industrial all make an appearance here. The disc hurtles to its inevitable end with a three-part suite (Fireflies in Jars).

This is interesting, as it is diametrically opposed to the introductory track. Spreading the different trends and styles over the course of thirteen minutes allows for the culmination of Opening Sound’s effort. With Pilamaya the last track on the disc, listeners will be ensured that they have a transformative experience in this effort. I have no idea where Opening Sound will go in subsequent recordings, but the dense tracks and numerous themes touched upon here has made a convert out of me. Pick this album up directly from Opening Sound, linked above.

Top Tracks: Waves of Sound From the Undersea Jubilee, Pilamaya

Rating: 8.5/10

Opening Sound – Opening Sound (CD) / 2012 Self / 13 Tracks /

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