Steel Pier Sinners – Wicked (CD)

With a strong dose of John Melloncamp and the raspiness of a Bob Dylan, the Steel Pier Sinners bash through this extended EP almost too quickly to affect their audience. “Essex Road” shows the ebb and flow of the band, in that the twinkling of the high hats provided by Tony flow in perfectly to Ryan’s bass and Meagan’s guitar. Not immediately able to be categorized, Steel Pier Sinners would find themselves at home on any alternative or college station, using their eclectic interests and wide range of talents to make a solid EP. While during most of the CD the Steel Pier Sinners’ influences mesh into their music to such a degree where they are indistinguishable from the mass as a whole, the penultimate title track uses a very Jack White-styled guitar line laid down next to a Geddy Lee-likened bass line to drive the beat into your skull, from whence it shall never return.

Each track on “Something Wicked This Way Comes” attacks the preconceived notions of the band-as-marketing tool school of thought that has been a cancer in the body of popular music since its beginning. The steady hand that mastered this disc and the studio in which the Sinners recorded in are two other key components that need to be lauded, as the richness of each track creates a warm environment that draws people in instead of pushing them away. Bubbling up at times during “Wicked”, the incredible energy behind T-bird’s lyrics belies some of the psychedelia laid down at points, especially during “Essex Road”. Simultaneously channeling Hedwig (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and the sheer musical talent of the Velvet Underground (sans Nico), the Steel Pier Sinners are a band that deserves to hit the big time.

The Steel Pier Sinners have attacked so many different genres, dispelled so many previously held ideas of what a band should try to accomplish with a CD, that I personally wonder where exactly the band can go from here. Intensely catchy at all moments, “Wicked” is the culmination of one band that transcends genre, era, influence, and never fails to hypnotize and surprise with their innovative approach to arrangement and general freeness while still sticking to a radio-friendly sound. If they keep their high standards up and hit the road for an extended tour, I have no doubt that they would be picked up by a major label in no time at all. Here’s to hoping!

Top Track: Essex Road

Rating : 7.2/10

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