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Dark Blu is from Georgia, but the specific type of metal that is whipped up could easily come from any one of the eastern European countries. There is a tradition that is adhered to during tracks like The Enemy and Stand By Your Side. These efforts unite a disparate array of metal genres into something heavy, memorable, and ultimately is unique from what other acts have done. The dedication that is put into each of these tracks means that listeners can appreciate them on a number of levels. If one is working out, working on their car, or doing any sort of activity that requires focus, a track like Premonition will get them into a good groove. If one is able to strap on a pair of headphones and seriously consider the arrangement and overall sound of Dark Blu, they will be rewarded handsomely. This is because the songs (Crushing Blow in particular) contain a number of hidden and otherwise obfuscated arrangements, guitar lines, and tacit and active call backs to metal royalty.

I believe that the simultaneously organic and electronic approach taken by Daemon Blak on the Dark Blu project showcases nicely the duality of human experience. This chiaroscuro is repeated in the more masculine instrumental arrangements and the female vocals that grace a great many of these recordings. I feel that the female vocals could be compared to that of a Nightwish or an Arch Enemy, but that there are much more ensconced into each track than the aforementioned acts. This means that Dark Blu is a unitary effort rather than a faceless band with a pretty face. It really is a refreshing take on a well-trodden path; individuals that are looking to include a similar dynamic would do well to put the band forth rather than a pretty image.

Make it a point to add Dark Blu on Facebook for the latest information about the band, including any tracks that may come from the act in months to come. I believe that Dark Blu will blow up just as soon as they can find a full-time singer. The tracks that can be found on Daemon’s Facebook (linked above) are simply fantastic and only represent a fraction of what he ultimately has available.

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