Two Cent Sam – Songs From The Sandbox (CD)


Songs From The Sandbox begins with Warcry. The inclusion of this track is important as it provides listeners with a microcosm of the styles and approaches that they will encounter on the entirety of the album. The intensity of this aforementioned track provides a quick momentum which  Furthermore, a dynamic is created between the guitar and vocals that pushes each constituent element to a higher plateau

Songs From The Sandbox expands upon rock music, in that Two Cent Sam come to each track with a considerably different array of influences and styles. What the band does during Wasted Away is miles away from what is heard on Never Too Soon or Unfamiliar Too. Unfamiliar Too, the penultimate track on Songs From The Sandbox, has an incredibly tight sound uniting bass, drums, guitars, and vocals. The soulful singing that heads up this track destines Unfamiliar Too for heavy radio rotation. Two Cent Sam breaks free of the tendency to place the weaker tracks on the flipside; I feel that the album’s second half parallels the first in terms of quality and overall catchiness.

Cutting Down Christmas Trees ratchets up the emotional intensity considerably, and marries that to a melody that will stick with listeners long after the album has wrapped up. Make sure to pick up a copy of Songs From The Sandbox whenever you get a moment; Two Cent Sam is able to craft some of the most emotive and affective rock music that we have every had the opportunity to hear. Add their Facebook for more information about upcoming tour dates and releases.

Top Tracks: This Is Why, Cutting Down Christmas Trees

Rating: 8.2/10

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