Anger Management – Season One (DVD)

Charlie Sheen supporters – the few that still remained after his very entertaining implosion in 2011 – were quick to point to the ratings of his new TV show, Anger Management,  that he was back on top again. Well, they were sort of right. The ratings for Sheen’s new FX series were pretty damn good for cable that first episode, but quickly came back down to reality once folks realized he wouldn’t be snorting coke off a porn star asses on live TV.
That’s not to say the show is bad, in fact, by traditional sitcom standards it’s actually quite good with a couple of laugh out loud moments in nearly every episode. Sheen is appropriately cast as a former baseball player with rage issues, now a therapist leading weekly anger management sessions in his home. Sheen is surprisingly good in the role, not that far removed from his smarmy character in the ridiculously bad Two and a Half Men, but different enough to be likable with this outing. Shawnee Smith (Becker), a sitcom staple at this point, plays Sheen’s ex-wife, but it’s Selma Blair, as Sheen’s fellow therapist and friend with benefits, that steals the show.
While not exactly in keeping with FX’s track record in creating truly original new comedies (The League, Louie, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, etc.) Anger Management does manage to be simply entertaining sitcom fare, even if it’s a formula that’s been around for decades.      
Anger Management – Season One/2 DVDs/280 mins./2013


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