DNAC – Shine on Crazy (CD)


I Know You boosts the momentum of Shine on Crazy considerably, changing the overall style and feel originally introduced in Is This Your World. This time out, DNAC links together Madonna and Beyonce into a funky, chill effort. I Know You provides listeners with a retro feel that still feel at home in the most cutting-edge dance clubs. It’s Like That ties together the rap of the eighties into a soundscape that will continually have listeners guessing. The eclectic nature of DNAC is shown best during Running To You (Shine On Mix). This track will buffet listeners from all sides, keeping a tempo that ensures that listeners will still be jamming out even as the track spins to a halt.

Are We There Yet is the boost that the EP needs to spin through the end; the interplay between the vocals and sequencing provides fans with a neon-tinged dance track. DNAC is a master of creating compositions that are familiar but miles away from anything that is currently being played.

DNAC ends the Shine on Crazy EP with three versions of Waiting. The radio edit starts things off, but I feel that the Deep & Dark Mix of Waiting. The Deep & Dark Mix adds considerably to the complexity of the track, all while spinning the effort into a decidedly different space. This mix will garner heavy rotation in the setlists of DJs of various stripes; its versatility ensures that all listeners can appreciate it. Make it a point to check out DNAC’s website for more information regarding any news, show dates, or freshly-updated music.

Top Tracks:  Is This Your World, Running To You, Waiting (Summer Night Mix)

Rating: 9.0/10


DNAC – Shine on Crazy (CD) / 2012 Self / 9 Tracks / https://www.facebook.com/dnacmusic

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