This is Alaska // 16th of January

Vincent has spent a part of his childhood fishing around a beautiful lake. He learned to play piano at the age of 7 and his teacher was blind. He gave him beautiful ears and his own way of listening to music without watching anything. Annabeth has spent her childhood learning piano and playing under trees in the little wood next to her house in Virginia (Us). When she was old enough to leave home, she flew to Arizona where she climbed boulders and began picked up strange instruments like the banjo, ukulele, and autoharp.  Her very first album has been released by the highly recommended label What A Mess! (darkdarkdark).

Then just lie down and close your eyes,  music create images. to stream the whole EP


Recorded, mixed and produced by Vincent Stockholm

This may contains, hits, shocks, cracking but we have chosen to not remove them.

Lyrics and music written by Vincent Stockholm and Annabeth McNamara
Arrangements Vincent Stockholm & Annabeth McNamara

Autoharp, guitar, ukulele and voice : Annabeth McNamara
Piano, drums, glass hits, radar shocks, electronic treatments, windy calls and rings, water sounds, wind blowing and voice : Vincent Stockholm

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