Abel’s Field (DVD)

Abel’s Field is a heartwarming tale of brotherhood and inspiration; the title is able to succeed as it provides viewers with characters that are human, rather than approximations of humans. Abel’s Field focuses on Seth, a high school senior that is forced to fend for eir sisters. Along with this larger burden, Seth attempts to have a normal life. When the football term mercilessly bullies him, Seth snaps and is forced to assist Abel (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules), the school’s groundskeeper. When life continues to become more dire for Seth, Abel is the only person to which ey can turn. While not Seth’s father, Abel provides more than enough in the way of life lessons and advise to get eir and the rest of eir family into a decidedly better spot.

The cast is filled with up and coming actors (Samuel Davis, Bob Coonrod) and veteran players (Sorbo, Richard Dillard); Abel’s Field in its description of high school and family life capture well the composition of the actors present, and Abel’s Field is a film that will pull at viewers’ heartstrings throughout.

There is one featurette that is included here: “From the Sidelines: The Making of Abel’s Field.” This rare behind the scenes view showcases that the camaraderie present in the film was just part of the status quo with the cast and crew. Abel’s Field can be purchased at numerous online retailers and at any inspirational / faith-focused stores. Keep an eye out for Affirm Films’ next releases, as Abel’s Field is a title that all families should search out.

Rating: 9.0/10

Abel’s Field (DVD) / 2013 Sony / 104 Minutes / http://www.sonypictures.com/dvdimages (3)

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