The Inbetweeners Movie DVD Review

Based off the raunchy, but equally hilarious, British series of the same name (and not the weak, watered-down American version on MTV) The Inbetweeners Movie proves this quartet of (almost) loveable losers can sustain the humor for the length of an entire feature film.

Much like American Pie and Porky’s before that, but with a far cooler accent, the movie mines the well-trodden, but no less funny territory of young guys looking to get laid. In this case, four dorky friends from Suburbia London celebrate graduation with a trip to Greece. Thankfully absent from this one is the sappy, but-will-we-still- be-friends-after-we-graduate? moment that seems to be required for these types of movies in the U.S.

When released in the UK in 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie went on to become the highest grossing British comedy at the time. While I can certainly name a few other British comedies that are more deserving of that distinction, this one is certainly worth catching on DVD.   

The Inbetweeners Movie/Lionsgate/97 mins/2013

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