Dan Kern 1977 CD Review


Cold Wind is a track that will immediately provide listeners with a microcosm of the styles and influences that will be presented to listeners on 1977. What results is a bouncy, soul-filled rock track that absolutely soars when included on the vocals. The arrangements presented on Cold Wind will immediately draw listeners in and keep them focused through the first half of the album; Quietly is an effort that expands the palette which Sandbox can utilize in subsequent efforts.

Strawberry Hair is one of the disc’s strongest efforts as it showcases that Sandbox can take musically disparate genres and join them together into something that is utterly unique. This style blossoms during More & Better and Six Tears; 1977 is an album that always has a narrative bubbling under the band’s instrumental work.

Dan Kern is one of the most honest and earnest performers that we have reviewed, and it is through the connection that the band makes with listeners that 1977 is made into one of the best albums that we have heard so far this year. The band is able to maintain the same energy and happy feel through the entirety of the disc, ensuring that listeners will be as enamored with Want to Go as they were with Strawberry Hair. Kat Corbett is the final song on 1977, allowing the act to provide some idea where they may yet go as an act, all while couching it in the stylistic draping that were omnipresent during this album. Visit their website for more information about the band and any news regarding live dates or subsequent releases.

Top Tracks: Cold Wind, Thought We Knew The Way

Rating: 8.2/10

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