Holy Grail – Ride The Void CD Review


Archeus begins Ride The Void, and it immediately calls forth the collective voices of symphonic metal (Scorpions, Queensryche); this brief moment of clarity immediately is shattered at the onset of Bestia Triumphans. During this track, Holy Grail is able to tie together Avenged Sevenfold with power metal and eighties heaviness alike. The production of Ride The Vooid is absolutely stellar, adding much-needed warmth to the release.

The vocals of James Paul Luna pull double-duty here, in that they provide the narrative to Ride The Void and contribute to the overall harmonies and instrumental sound brought by the title. There are countless nods to distinct bands and styles during Ride The Void, but Holy Grail is talented enough to imbue every lick, drum hit, and vocal with their own unique flavor. Holy Grail gains extra style points with their late-album efforts. Songs like Take It To The Grave and Wake Me When It’s Over keep the overall tenor of Ride The Void constant while keeping things fresh and compelling for listeners. The Great Artifice is a perfect example of things, as the band immediately kicks into high gear. When the constituent elements of the band break free, what results is an unquantifiably heavy arrangement that still considers Iron Maiden and Exodus before stopping.

Here’s to hoping that the band will come to a city around us; check out the Prosthetic Records website for more information about their current roster and Holy Grail’s own website for information regarding tour dates and band news. If you like your metal to be fast and hard, taking no prisoners, Ride the Void should be the first title that you purchase this year.

Top Tracks: Too Decayed To Wait, Bestia Triumphans

Rating: 9.1/10

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