Home By Hovercraft – Are We Chameleons? CD Review



The Dallas-based six-piece Home By Hovercraft is a family affair, comprised of husband and wife duo Seth Magill (vocals/tuba) and Shawn Magill (piano/vocals /xylophone) and Seth’s sister Abbey Magill (Step Dance) and yes, if they are listing a lone dancer as a band member you get a pretty good idea of what to expect; Somewhat pretentious pop music masquerading as experimental art rock.


The band is described as “theatrically and classically influenced” but to be honest very few can pull that off without sounding gimmicky. Despite the offbeat and somewhat off putting vocals layered over what are often beautiful piano and violin parts, there is hardly any new ground being treaded here.


The National, Beirut and even Roxy Music have all gone down this path before and the results were, well, honestly better. Experiments, it should be noted, don’t always work out.


Home By Hovercraft – Are We Chameleons?/11 tracks/Self-released


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