Sandbox Me & Him and Horse CD Review


Doesn’t Really Matter is a track that is able to build off of the goodwill established by Tried and Tried, forging a bold new path with a blend of folk, country and intensely emotional crooning. The rich instrumentation will immediately draw listeners in, while the slight shift in the vocals provides a much different feel to this composition. Sandbox is an act that can create a very close scattershot and provide enough twists and turns to keep listeners titillated. The band is able to work off of a wide smattering of genres and styles through the entirety of Me & Him and Horse, providing much greater replay value for the record than would normally be expected.

Doesn’t Really Matter may be how listeners are introduced to Sandbox, but Puzzles in Pavement is the track on Me & Him and Horse that will convert the greatest amount of those that happen upon the album. Pen & Guitar is one of the most alluring efforts on the album because listeners are able to identify with what Sandbox says while still being affected by the composition.

Me & Him and Horse continues to hit on all cylinders through Holly Would and Streetlights, but the band reaches an plateau when the penultimate track, French Roast, begins. The interplay between the instrumental and vocal sides of the band pushes each to a higher level, while the energy presented in this second-to-final song transfers over to the album’s last effort, Everybody. Bookmark Sandbox’s website if you would like to keep up to date about the band and their happenings, and pick up Me & Him and Horse from the band whenever you can spare some cash.

Top Tracks: Doesn’t Really Matter, Puzzles in Pavement

Rating: 8.8/1051OpalWu0FL._SL500_AA280_

Sandbox – Me & Him and Horse CD Review / 2013 Self / 9 Tracks /

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