Veep: The Complete First Season DVD Review

It’s not surprising that HBO’s Veep is heavy on DC insider jokes considering it was created by the same team behind the brilliantly funny political movie In the Loop. Thankfully, in a time when approval ratings for politicians are in the basement, it found a big enough audience that the network offered it a second season.

The show centers on Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the vice president, quickly realizing she holds zero power in a city that thrives on power. Her inner circle is filled out by Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Anna Chlumsky (yes, little Anna Chlumsky from My Girl!) and Matt Walsh (Man Bites Dog) – one of the funniest supporting casts since Arrested Development. The only thing funnier than another season of Veep right now would be a comedy built around Joe Biden.

Veep: The Complete First Season DVD Review /2 DVDs/268 mins./HBO Studios/2013


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