Boss Season Two DVD Review

While Game of Throne’s King Joffrey has become shorthand in describing TV villains, Kelsey Grammer’s Mayor Tom Kane – from the Starz series Boss – is arguably just as evil and just as much fun to watch.

The mayor’s dementia – diagnosed in the first season – has done little to temper his nastiness. Along with his wife (Connie Nielsen), he still plays puppet master with the state’s politicians from the governor down. Plotlines for this outing involving assassination attempts, riots and abandoned kids all combined to make season two even stronger than the first in this remarkably captivating political drama.

Sympathetic characters from the first season, like gubernatorial candidate Ben Zajac (Jeff Hephner) turns out to be pretty damn sleazy, (as we have come to prefer our TV politicians). In fact, in Boss, just about every character has some degree of “did they just do that?” evilness in this season. The fact that the drug dealer is the most morale character says a lot. Bad people have never been so fun to watch.

Boss – Season Two/ 3 DVDs / 560 mins. Lionsgate / 2013

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