Brick And Mortar And Love DVD Review

With all the excitement generated months before Record Store Day and the lines of folks waiting outside to get that their hands on vinyl the third Saturday of every April, you might have assumed the independent record store was doing just fine. As the documentary Bricks And Mortar And Love reminds us, in most cases, the small mom and pop record store is still barely surviving.

The movie focuses on Ear X-tasy, Lexington, KY’s legendary independent record store, as it makes a very public plea for survival, via press conferences and online videos. But to be honest, the subject of this doc could be just about any record store in a mid-sized U.S. city. There is some backlash from those who think the owner of X-tasy is just doing a poor job of running his own business,=- and they could be right – but there is plenty of love from vinyl fans and musicians who follow the store as it downsizes to a much smaller location.

There are cameos from plenty of Lexington-based bands, including favorite son My Morning Jacket’s Jim James.
Intimate and at times surprisingly sad, the film is a love later to and from diehard music fans. Long live the record shop.

Brick And Mortar And Love DVD Review /1 DVD/70 Mins./ MVD Visual/2013

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